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Personal Reflection On iCollab

The past 4 months have been very interesting. We started off by selecting a subject we all thought we could contribute to and also something we can relate to. We saw “Effects technology have on sleeping patterns”. We took that as a group because we all have technology that distracts us at night. So we all started by coming up with ideas on what we can do.


Last semester we had to do a 24 hour media fast which was very hard for me, so we decided to do a 24 hour mediathon. Which is where we would go 24 using technology and no sleep. It was a piece of cake. It just comes to show when your brain is busy you can work through the tiredness, and also you realise you work through feeling hungry as well.


We also got 4 sub categories to research which gave our group research more depth. I also came across some articles that I found very relevant to technology and sleeping. Which was the effect working at home can have on our sleeping patterns. This where we decided to do a poll as a group to see what other people do as working at home can be such a big distraction.  


Now it has come to the end and after all the blogging, research and tweets. I have learnt a lot, I have learnt the different tools the web have to offer and found lots of depth of tools that are available to me to develop and transmit media across multiple platforms. Not to mention the amount I have learnt about our bodies and how important sleep is to us all.  It has been a big learning curve in the fact that the web is an even bigger tool than I first thought. There is so many different aspects of media influence all across the web and we need to embrace it. 

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