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24 Hour Media Fast That Lasted 5 hours..

Throughout the day I shall blog hourly to describe what I have been doing to keep myself busy and how I am feeling. Wish me luck.

10:30am – 11:30am

Woke up to no noise of a TV, was refreshing but not being able to turn it on wasn’t such a benefit. Feeling Upbeat at the moment and that I could possibly do this. On the other hand I must remember to stay out of the living room.

11:30am – 12:30pm

Breakfast Time. Enjoyed some toast with jam and a cup of tea. Time isn’t moving as quickly as possible but I find that I have more time to think about productive things I could do. I am coming to the opinion that my interaction with social media 80% of the time is not the fact that I enjoy doing it, but more that it is a routine for me.

12:30pm – 13:30pm

Third hour gone by and I have sorted my bedroom. Not a very productive hour and starting to feel the boredom and need to load up a game or something. Need to find something to keep my brain active, may try reading Steve Jobs Autobiography which I have been meaning to finish. See you in an hour.

13:30am – 14:30pm

Had 5 minutes of failure in the last hour where I came upstairs and turned my TV on and started watching How I Met Your Mother. It is routine for me to come upstairs either go on pc, or turn my TV on and that’s why I did it. Becoming bored and restless, I am struggling to keep myself occupied by reading.

14:30pm – 15:30pm

Boredom has taken its toll and now I have started planning for video blog.


As no work was available to me from an offline status it meant i had very little to keep me occupied. There was only ever so much food i could eat to keep me occupied. However anyone in today’s culture would struggle with this task but i could of perhaps tackled this with more enthusiasm and planning ahead of what tasks i could of done to keep me occupied. Anyway i hope you enjoy and try it yourself.

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