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Entertainment and Media Effecting Sleeping Patterns

Now a day’s, we all enjoy the use of different types and cultures of media and provides us with another lengthy list of distractions and things to keep our minds busy. I am going to talk about different aspects of media that keep us awake and make the next morning impossible to get out of bed.


In today’s society we constantly face a struggle to stay focused on goals and daily tasks. With the improvement of technology and media, it is too easy to get side tracked. With adverts everywhere on the internet, it is so easy to find yourself deep into the internet and struggling to find your way back out and then getting focused back to what you wanted to accomplish.

YouTube has been the reason to many distractions for me. The unlimited amount of videos and the continuing growth of genres of videos YouTube is one of my biggest distractions and I find myself sat there for hours on end watching pointless videos and before you know it, you’ve achieved nothing and not even started your work. This is the same example for when it comes to sleeping, most people aim for 8-10 hours’ sleep a night and because of lives distractions such as TV, YouTube, Music etc. I would be very sure that people will find themselves missing out on hours of sleep a day and 10’s of hours sleep a week.

Turn It Off

At night when your tired but there’s that film or tv programme you want to watch, save it for the next day. It is known that when your mind is concentrating on something it tends to not worry about sleep, its how many kids these days go hours or days without sleep thanks to video games. But it’s not just the activity of the brain its the lights source of the tv or monitor that is causing you to wake up. As we all know, our bodies are programmed to be tired at night and awake during daytime whereas the light source off the tv will affect this and will affect your tiredness and may not make it possible to fall asleep but may make it more difficult. Most importantly it is the eye strain of the bright light on your tired eyes and it is the intriguing aspect of that moment when you close your eyes it sounds like something fun is happening so you begin to watch again. So keep your room dark, quiet and save yourself from the painful streining eyes in the morning.

Try it for yourself for 2 weeks. No TV before bed, phones on silent, no computer games in bed and let us know if it helped @Insomniac_info

Thank you for reading!

Gary Henshall

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Blog – Screen Cast

I show you my blog, and discuss the contents. Enjoy.

Blog – ScreenCast

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Everythings A Remix

Here I watch all four episodes of Everything Is A remix. I will place my thoughts on each episaode. Enjoy.

Everythings An Remix – Part 1

From the first 30 seconds, there is already glimpses of “Remixed” culture by the way he uses the Star Wars Intro to introduce the episode which I thought was clever. He then again uses the same tactic when he shows PacMan. I knew a lot of music artists use other artists music but not as much as he shown in this and to think so much more happens. To think so many artists could be and possibly on the verge of piracy or plagiarism to a certain extent and it just proves that when Led Zeppelin got sued for it. The problem seems to be that they took all credit for the album they released, with several songs too similar to previous versions. Whereas if they had branded it as a “cover” album they would had been okay i suppose.

Everything Is A Remix – Part 2

In this part, it seems the message is “Creation Requires Influence”. This is a statement i somewhat agree with. I think it is perfectly alright to use techniques someone else has used and put your stamp on it, show how you think you can make it better. A lot of films these days are old films reproduced constantly to keep the audiences and the money in the business. There are multiple sequels of several films i can think of, and multiple remakes.
A lot of today’s remix culture is ideas expanded into new ideas. People are taking what they’ve seen and making it theirs, whilst improving it or not, but they do and will carry on doing it.

Everything Is A Remix – Part 3

I Invented Nothing New. To Tech That Comparatively Few Men Are Responsible For Greatest Forward Steps Of Mankind Is The Worst Sort Of Nonsense. Henry Ford

To me that quote from Henry Ford, is very true. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the past work work of others. That is how we evolve as a world, and as a race, is we take peoples work and improve it and look at how we can improve it that it will be significant to us. That is the message of part 3, it shows alot of things if not anything is original, all ideas have been previous ideas but further developed and transformed.


Everything Is A Remix – Part 4

In Part 4, the feel i get from this, is that everything is about greed in todays society. Nobody wants to help each other, we all want the profit, we all want the big house, big car, the big bank balance. This is why i think Patents are so often now thanks people thinking there ideas are intellectual property. Everything is a bout money or fame and maybe that is the wrong way to be thinking bout this. The whole world is struggling at the moment, countries are in recession, global warming etc. We should be pushing each other as a species and pushing each other to become better and do better things with what we have previously succeeded at.

Social Evolution

Thank You for reading my views on the “Everything Is A Remix”.

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BBC Radio – Audience Interaction

For a recent university brief we had to blog ideas for BBC radio and how they can interact and bring the listeners in. As a more of iPod listener than the radio, I cannot say I am a keen radio listener but I do have a reasonable idea that might bring a breeze of fun

and excitement to the show. You ready for it..


The idea actually came to me while I was riding home on the bus and that explains the reason why I am blogging whilst sitting uncomfortably and squashed on the 67. The idea is simple. You download the bingo sheet off the website or tweet, 10 numbers of your choice. Then thought the day the presenter will read numbers, unannounced so you have to have your ears pegged up ready.
The winner will get a prize of some sort, maybe a chance to visit the radio station or a year of BINGO at your local bingo hall. What could be better..

A very simple concept but the every day public enjoy nothing but simplistic and very little effort.

Not a very solid idea, because i guess ticking off numbers while driving is not very safe. Ahh well would bring family listeners together and make a certain competitiveness between friends and families.

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24 Hour Media Fasting

I had to undergo a 24 hour media fast for university project and i lasted 5 hours. Here is my reaction to why it is difficult for today’s culture to be without media.

And yes i recorded this with my iPhone and i did receive a message later on in the vlog. My apologies.

24 Hour Media Fast That Lasted 5 hours..

Throughout the day I shall blog hourly to describe what I have been doing to keep myself busy and how I am feeling. Wish me luck.

10:30am – 11:30am

Woke up to no noise of a TV, was refreshing but not being able to turn it on wasn’t such a benefit. Feeling Upbeat at the moment and that I could possibly do this. On the other hand I must remember to stay out of the living room.

11:30am – 12:30pm

Breakfast Time. Enjoyed some toast with jam and a cup of tea. Time isn’t moving as quickly as possible but I find that I have more time to think about productive things I could do. I am coming to the opinion that my interaction with social media 80% of the time is not the fact that I enjoy doing it, but more that it is a routine for me.

12:30pm – 13:30pm

Third hour gone by and I have sorted my bedroom. Not a very productive hour and starting to feel the boredom and need to load up a game or something. Need to find something to keep my brain active, may try reading Steve Jobs Autobiography which I have been meaning to finish. See you in an hour.

13:30am – 14:30pm

Had 5 minutes of failure in the last hour where I came upstairs and turned my TV on and started watching How I Met Your Mother. It is routine for me to come upstairs either go on pc, or turn my TV on and that’s why I did it. Becoming bored and restless, I am struggling to keep myself occupied by reading.

14:30pm – 15:30pm

Boredom has taken its toll and now I have started planning for video blog.


As no work was available to me from an offline status it meant i had very little to keep me occupied. There was only ever so much food i could eat to keep me occupied. However anyone in today’s culture would struggle with this task but i could of perhaps tackled this with more enthusiasm and planning ahead of what tasks i could of done to keep me occupied. Anyway i hope you enjoy and try it yourself.

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24 Hour Media Fasting

Well, what can i say. For part of my Social Technology assignment i have to undergo a 24 hour period without NO television, NO radio, NO films, NO video games, NO iPads, iPods, NO web and NO newspapers or magazines. To think i am thinking this is a more of an impossible task than it is possible, my expectations are not great. I am currently 7 minutes away from my 24 hours without media so wish me luck.

Blows my mind to think 40 years ago people use to be without media all there lives, and i am going to struggle to do it for a day. Today’s culture is some what parallel to previous cultures.

Fingers crossed and i shall report back with my notes from throughout the day.

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Comic Relief – BBC Brief

Comic Relief - BBC Brief

My Advert For Comic Relief. £1Million, One Morning. Text “Help” to 7005!

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Mine Turtle Mash

A self made Super Cut video of Mine Turtle from Asdf Movie 5 & 6.

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