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Everythings A Remix

Here I watch all four episodes of Everything Is A remix. I will place my thoughts on each episaode. Enjoy.

Everythings An Remix – Part 1

From the first 30 seconds, there is already glimpses of “Remixed” culture by the way he uses the Star Wars Intro to introduce the episode which I thought was clever. He then again uses the same tactic when he shows PacMan. I knew a lot of music artists use other artists music but not as much as he shown in this and to think so much more happens. To think so many artists could be and possibly on the verge of piracy or plagiarism to a certain extent and it just proves that when Led Zeppelin got sued for it. The problem seems to be that they took all credit for the album they released, with several songs too similar to previous versions. Whereas if they had branded it as a “cover” album they would had been okay i suppose.

Everything Is A Remix – Part 2

In this part, it seems the message is “Creation Requires Influence”. This is a statement i somewhat agree with. I think it is perfectly alright to use techniques someone else has used and put your stamp on it, show how you think you can make it better. A lot of films these days are old films reproduced constantly to keep the audiences and the money in the business. There are multiple sequels of several films i can think of, and multiple remakes.
A lot of today’s remix culture is ideas expanded into new ideas. People are taking what they’ve seen and making it theirs, whilst improving it or not, but they do and will carry on doing it.

Everything Is A Remix – Part 3

I Invented Nothing New. To Tech That Comparatively Few Men Are Responsible For Greatest Forward Steps Of Mankind Is The Worst Sort Of Nonsense. Henry Ford

To me that quote from Henry Ford, is very true. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the past work work of others. That is how we evolve as a world, and as a race, is we take peoples work and improve it and look at how we can improve it that it will be significant to us. That is the message of part 3, it shows alot of things if not anything is original, all ideas have been previous ideas but further developed and transformed.


Everything Is A Remix – Part 4

In Part 4, the feel i get from this, is that everything is about greed in todays society. Nobody wants to help each other, we all want the profit, we all want the big house, big car, the big bank balance. This is why i think Patents are so often now thanks people thinking there ideas are intellectual property. Everything is a bout money or fame and maybe that is the wrong way to be thinking bout this. The whole world is struggling at the moment, countries are in recession, global warming etc. We should be pushing each other as a species and pushing each other to become better and do better things with what we have previously succeeded at.

Social Evolution

Thank You for reading my views on the “Everything Is A Remix”.

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I Will Find You And I Will Kill You!

I have seen a lot of films, so here is a quick blog to show my top 5.

Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

The main character(Gerard Butler) plays the perfect role as the Father and husband of whom his wife and kid got killed. He finds the killers and goes to trial but his lawyer(Jamie Foxx) is somewhat to keen to keep a 100% conviction rate and lets the guilty murderer, played by Christian Stolte walk away with a shortened jail time.

As soon as the trial is finished Clyde Shelton(Gerard Butler) seeks immediate revenge with the perfect plan to bring the whole justice system down on its head. The whole structure of the film and the story is what made it very appealing to me and made it very interesting to watch. Clyde is a very trained and somewhat tactical in all the choices he makes since being at prison but there’s one choice he wished he didn’t make.

This scene in particular really caught my eye and they way Clyde has the justice system going by his word, he is very cynical in his words and what he says.

Taken 1

No doubt the sequel has been very successful but the first film was in my eye the more appealing. The main character Bryan Mills played by Liam Neeson a former CIA agent, is a father of Kim, who lies to her dad and goes on holiday to see a music band and when they get to the hotel they are greeted by kidnappers who are later on to be known as people who specialize in women trafficking. Using his previous skills as an CIA agent, he tracks down and puts a massive hole in the business of trafficking women.

This scene is probably the only phrase in a film that has stuck with me, and thinks it makes it really intriguing to the viewer.

Avengers Assemble

I have always been a fan of Superhero films, but this for me is the best i have yet seen. A star stubbed cast, and a Hulk what more could you ask for. As all superheros have very big egos things get nasty and with a hulk in the room you want to keep the anger levels down. To me the Hulk and the sarcastic smart remarks made by Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) makes this film the showcase title to watch.


Avatar is the top grossing films to date according to Wikipedia. To me the storyline of the film is very good, but it wasn’t just that. The animation, the graphics, the motion capture used to make this film so attractive and beautiful is astonishing. The way the ground lights up when people of Pandora walk across it, is beautifully set and designed. The whole land of Pandora is planned with pure accuracy and detail and to think this was filmed and released in 2009, is astonishing how it still looks technologically outstanding and would still be amazing if it was released today. Not to mention the success of Director and script writer  James Cameron is definitely the guy to make any film succeed. Only have to mention other films he has directed such as King Kong and Titanic.


This film is based on a real life drug but somewhat over exaggerated to make the film more exciting. Eddie Morra played by Bradley Cooper, is a writer struggling for a contract and struggling to find motivation within himself. He see’s his Ex-girlfriends brother who is coincidentally a drug dealer and he is informed about this wonder drug. He contacts the drug dealer and ends up back at his house after sampling a tablet. As Eddie goes and runs an errand for the dealer he is greeted by the dead body of the deal and rings the police whilst searching for the rest of the stash of drugs that will change his life for the “good”.

He soon becomes a millionaire because of his new found success and ability to do and solve problems he could never do before. Before he knows it this drug effects him that his body can not live without and just when he thinks he has the best life he could have, it soon comes crashing down on him when he realizes he has dealers chasing him, and trying to kill him.

And Finally

Films these days are a never ending list of new releases and upcoming talent but to me, i really enjoy a film with certain special effects and imaginative creation and scripting. Films like Avengers, Avatar appeal to me because of the editing and special effects are breathtaking and the effects are definitely going to improve drastically in the upcoming years. The technology of 4K resolution getting mentioned more often is only going to help the movie industry, well, when the price for the consumer becomes realistic.

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