Entertainment and Media Effecting Sleeping Patterns

Now a day’s, we all enjoy the use of different types and cultures of media and provides us with another lengthy list of distractions and things to keep our minds busy. I am going to talk about different aspects of media that keep us awake and make the next morning impossible to get out of bed.


In today’s society we constantly face a struggle to stay focused on goals and daily tasks. With the improvement of technology and media, it is too easy to get side tracked. With adverts everywhere on the internet, it is so easy to find yourself deep into the internet and struggling to find your way back out and then getting focused back to what you wanted to accomplish.

YouTube has been the reason to many distractions for me. The unlimited amount of videos and the continuing growth of genres of videos YouTube is one of my biggest distractions and I find myself sat there for hours on end watching pointless videos and before you know it, you’ve achieved nothing and not even started your work. This is the same example for when it comes to sleeping, most people aim for 8-10 hours’ sleep a night and because of lives distractions such as TV, YouTube, Music etc. I would be very sure that people will find themselves missing out on hours of sleep a day and 10’s of hours sleep a week.

Turn It Off

At night when your tired but there’s that film or tv programme you want to watch, save it for the next day. It is known that when your mind is concentrating on something it tends to not worry about sleep, its how many kids these days go hours or days without sleep thanks to video games. But it’s not just the activity of the brain its the lights source of the tv or monitor that is causing you to wake up. As we all know, our bodies are programmed to be tired at night and awake during daytime whereas the light source off the tv will affect this and will affect your tiredness and may not make it possible to fall asleep but may make it more difficult. Most importantly it is the eye strain of the bright light on your tired eyes and it is the intriguing aspect of that moment when you close your eyes it sounds like something fun is happening so you begin to watch again. So keep your room dark, quiet and save yourself from the painful streining eyes in the morning.

Try it for yourself for 2 weeks. No TV before bed, phones on silent, no computer games in bed and let us know if it helped @Insomniac_info

Thank you for reading!

Gary Henshall

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