BBC Radio – Audience Interaction

For a recent university brief we had to blog ideas for BBC radio and how they can interact and bring the listeners in. As a more of iPod listener than the radio, I cannot say I am a keen radio listener but I do have a reasonable idea that might bring a breeze of fun

and excitement to the show. You ready for it..


The idea actually came to me while I was riding home on the bus and that explains the reason why I am blogging whilst sitting uncomfortably and squashed on the 67. The idea is simple. You download the bingo sheet off the website or tweet, 10 numbers of your choice. Then thought the day the presenter will read numbers, unannounced so you have to have your ears pegged up ready.
The winner will get a prize of some sort, maybe a chance to visit the radio station or a year of BINGO at your local bingo hall. What could be better..

A very simple concept but the every day public enjoy nothing but simplistic and very little effort.

Not a very solid idea, because i guess ticking off numbers while driving is not very safe. Ahh well would bring family listeners together and make a certain competitiveness between friends and families.

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